Finding the right test strategy for the company or project is my ultimate passion. Find out what my client or my discussion partner desires are and getting to know how we can achieve:

  • time reduction for the complete project,
  • budget reduction for the complete project,
  • happy people in all places of the complete project.

In my years (from 2000) test experience a variety of technical environments and different branches passed by, especially Finance, Medical and Telecom.

In these years I applied the ISEB / ISTQB and TMAP approach. In some cases this approach is not fully implemented. Methods as RUP and standards as CMM(i) / TMM are applied. In some projects TPI assessments are done to verify the test process improvement and how the adapted approach is accepted within the company / project.

If your thoughts are the same as mine, I happily invite you to be part of the conversation! Do you want to save time and budget within your project? Are you looking for the next challenge? Together we van achieve our goals!

Let’s meet – Let’s talk – Let’s do it!